Replacement Dental Lamps
Please note that due to Covid-19, the airline restrictions and delivery times we are only shipping in continental US and Canada via USPS.
Please do not make any other international purchases, your order will be refunded.
Please email with any questions for international delivery arrangements.
Typical Application:
A complete selection of replacement speciality bulbs including: dental, medical, ophthelmic, overhead, scientific, photographic, fiber optic, curring light, biomedical, research, video and many other types. We sell replacement Donar brand lamps for the below instruments, we do not sell original manufacture brands.
If your lamp is not listed, please give us a call. Dental, Medical, Curing, Projector Halogen Lamps

Manufacturer Instruments E-J
Manufacturer Instruments K-0
Manufacturer Instruments P-Z

3 M 3601, 3601-5, 6000, 70899, 78-6969-9347-2, 78-8012-3601, 800, 900, 6000,  MFB-1100, MFB-7540,  DDL RM-207
3M 212, 212AKD, 213BLF, 2770T, 2770T-AB, 900, 920, 9050, 9060, 9070, 9080, 9200, 2770, 313, 360, 394, 395, 413, 429, 905, 910, 9100, 213 OHP, 3M9100 900AJR, 429/213, 1700200 Microfilm 212AKD, 212BLF, 212, 213BLF, 213 AKD, 213 BKF, 213 AKD, 2770TAB, 2770T, 300/400, 300, 400,  4405, 4406, 4407, 9000, 9050, 9060, HA6000, 1700, 1706, 1707, 1710, 1711, 1715, 1720, 1730, 1740, 1760, 1780 ENX RM-128
3M  9200 9600 9700 9750 9550 9075 955 9085 9700P 1745 1765 1825 1885 1865 1895 355 7100 HA-6005 HA6005, 9200, Model 9000AJJ FXL RM-131
3M 3367-5267, XL1500 O-13298/14553 RM-64
3M 2500, Visalux 1, 2, 3,  Visalux 5520, 4000 Plus, XL3000, XL2500, 78-8045-4571-9 JCRM12V-75W RM-81
3M Visalux 1, Visalux 2, 2500,  XL3000, 3M-ESPE 2500 JCRM12V-80W RM-82
3M 78-8032-1917, Visulux 5510, Jacketloader 169 BRL/BCD RSE-48
3M Microfilm 600, 600C, 600PS, RP600, FDS, DZE, Consultant Microfilm 114-1,  114-2, 78-8032-4625-1 , 78-8032-4697-0  FDS/DZE RSE-52
3M 2010, 2100, 1608, 1620 projectors  EHJ RSE-54
3M  Model 2000, 6200, 6201, 6202, 2000AG, 2000AGT, 2010 Overhead Projector, 9100,  EVW RM-130
3M  EXR-82V or FHS EXR or FHS RM-93
3M  650, 1650, 9550, 9600, 9700, 9800, F-9550, F-9550, F-9800,  Projector Overhead HA-6009, AJH 120/60, 78-6969-9086-6, 78-8079-8791-8 EVD RSE-56
3M  Projector Overhead 4400, 4405, 4407, 4410, 4415 EYB RSE-57
3M  Models 121, 221, 66AG, 121-AG, 121AG, 121 STANDARD, 221-AMC, 221-AMD serial numbers to 160743, 221-AME serial numbers to 165716, 221AMC serial numbers to 170861, 221AMD serial numbers to 160743, 221AME serial numbers to 165716, 221, 66-AG serials over 029213N, 66-AG, 66AG serials over 029213N, 66AG, 66 serials over 66AG029213N, 66 BHC/DYS/DYV  RSE-60
A.V.E. Corporation  16mm Canary  EJL RM-114
Abbott 1366-24, FDT FDT RSE-51
AB-Dick 810 Microfilm FDS/DZE RSE-52
Accucam Concept 3, New Image ETJ RM-124
ACCUSCOPE 3061, 3069, 3374, 3378,  DDL RM-207
Acme's  Mini-Scanner LEO MH - 630,  Gagemaster 80, 89 Surface Illuminator ELC RM-115/5
ACMI / Circon  FCB-96, FCB96  Medical  EJA RM-109
Acton Monochromator EVD, SP 3001 EVD RSE-56
Acubite Hilux 200, Hilux 250 JCRM12V-75W RM-81
Acubite Hilux 200, Hilux 250 JCRM12V-80W  RM-82
ACU-CAM  401, Concept 3, Insight, New Image, System 401,  EFP RM-105
Acu-Cam Polo 64623 RSE-50
Acumed 842026, FDT FDT RSE-51
ADC QUALA 13165 RM-91
A-DEC Performer JA12V-55WD/H3 RS-22
A-DEC CASCADE, 6300, Dental Unit Head Light etc. FCS RSE-53
Advanced Office Systems  BHC, DYS, DYV,  71 BHC/DYS/DYV  RSE-60
AGFA SelectScan, Graphic Arts replacement bulb DDL RM-207
AGFA 2.0, 2.2, 2.3 ELC RM-115/5
Agfa  MSC 2, 2.3, 100, 101, 200, 300, D.Lab 2 & D.Lab 3, Minilab,   Dimax Scan EVC/FGX RSE-55
Agfa  Dimax FEL RSE-76
Agfa-Gaevart Copex LF101, LF202, LF404, LK-16B, LK-16M, LR16, LR16B, LF505, LF303, LK-P, LR16BU, LF203, LF606, Briefcasereader 64623 RSE-50
Agfa-Gevaert  Movector BS, B F9, FT, G, Movector Dual EFM RM-101
Agfa-Gevaert  Movector 4000 EFR RM-107
Agfa-Gevaert  Diamator 100 FCS RSE-53
AIR SHIELDS 0007004, 4300470, PT-1400H-3, PT-1400-2, PT1400-2E DDL RM-207
Air Techniques VistaCam ESD RM-121
AKRON Contratti, Gambara BS, Dental Chair FDS/DZE RSE-52
Algotec Walklite EFM RM-101
Allen Microfilm A1 220 BRL/BCD RSE-48
Allied 244-1113 DDL RM-207
Allied EVW, 82V - 250W EVW RM-130
Almore 3442 EFN RM-104
ALMORE 3442 OP2 13865/JCRM12V-75W RM-81
ALPHA 1501 150-W illuminator EKE RM-110X
Alpine  SKY10 JC12V-20W H20 RSE-46
Altman  Comet Follow Spot, Luminator FXL RM-131
Altman  360Q , Lighting Q1000 Follow Spot, 6x12 Axial ERS, 1KL8, 1KL6, 1KL10, Q2040, 803C E-31501 Altspot 1000W, Follow Spotlight 120 Volts  FEL RSE-76
Altman   Ultra Quartz, Comet, Illuminator, MBT Followspot Spot 1, ENX RM-128
Altman Stage Lighting  MINI-FOLLOWSPOT BHC/DYS/DYV  RSE-60
Altspots   1000Q Follow Spots 2- FEL RSE-76
Amaca Elisse Elisse Medical FDS/DZE RSE-52
AMBICO V-0882, V-8810 ESA/FHD RSE-41
Ambico Val-u-Light V-1500 ESY RSE-58
American DJ Barrel Ray, Centurion, Chameleon, Color Expander, Colortec, Colotec, Double Feature, Dual Color, Eliminator, Eliminator C, Eliminator System, Fire Fox, Flash 4, Splash, Hydro, Icon, Kristal, LC-EFP, Pocket Scan, Prismatic, Pulsator, Roto-Gobo, Saga 2, Sidewinder, ZB-EFP, ZB-JCR,     EFP RM-105
American DJ Colorscope, RollerTron, ScanTron, Concept, Double Roller, H20 250, H20 250EX, Warp, Fascinator, Fiesta, Kaleidoscope, Max, Mighty Scan, Mobil Beam, Mobil Ray, Rainbow-250, Rampage, Spinout, Sonic Beam, Startec, Swival Beam II, Topaz 250, Topaz EX, Utopia 250S, Gobo Flex - Deco 250, Gobo Scope, Whirl 250, Wheel 250, Titan 250, Warp 250, Squeeze DMX100SQ, Magic DMX-3D, Pizzazz 250CH140PY, Abyss 444A, Aquarius 250,  ELC RM-115/5
American DJ DJ 250-DMX Colorchanger, GoboSpot 2, Orbit 2,  Charisima, Mace, Quantum, Quadra Force, Sphinx II, Crusader, Raven, Scrambler EXY RM-84
American DJ  ENX, Lycian 1236  ENX RM-128
American DJ ELH, 316190, 1000321, GE 38476, 13096, 54776, JCR120V-300W ELH RM-129
American DJ EXR-82V or FHS EXR or FHS RM-93
American DJ Active Pod, Lunar Pod, Color Pod, Roto Pod, Color Ray, Crystal, Electra, Mini Jem, Quarter 1, Quarter 2, Rover, Sparkle, Reflex, Barrel Flex, Dual Gem, Color Gem, Elektra II, Rover II, Festive Light Pak, Mini Moon CH-202B, CH-160, CH-160S, BRL/BCD RSE-48
American DJ Beamer 16L, Moon Light 64623 RSE-50
American DJ X-Treme Lamp, X Calibur EVC/FGX RSE-55
American DJ Illuminator FEL RSE-76
American DJ  Fusion Scan 250 EHJ RSE-54
American DJ  EVD, Color Sweep, Tempest, Beamer-40, Giant Shooting Star, Gyro, Mirage 1, Mirage 2, Ninja, Probe, Typhoon, Tempest EVD RSE-56
American DJ  Cross Flash 4, Color Flash 4, Epsilon, Rider, Avenger 2, Aggressor, Razz Matazz, Luna4, Saturn 4, Super Jewel, Mine, Mine 2, Millenium, Sunray II, Sunray III, Starball II, MaceII, RolingStar II, Alpha Moon, Cyclone II, Diamond, Fab 4, Jewel 1, Jevel 2, Mace, Omega,  Prism, Progressor 2, Propeller, Rolling Star, Sapphire, Verti-Pro 2, Vertigo, Full Moon 4, Scotty 2, Flash Beam, Mystic, Cluster, Color Wash 400, Jewel, Mini Saucer, Progressor, Space Balls, Star Winter, Verti Pro JC120V300W RSE-59
American Optical Corporation 1174 EJA RM-109
American Optical Corporation 624-ESA, L150-ESA, ESA, FHD, Microscope 40, 650, 0, 78, 355, 385, 583, 600, 602, 603, 605B, 605, 609, 610, 612, 614, 614A, 615, 616, 618, 621, 623, 624, 626, 735, 6034, 1000, 1037, 1032, 1039, 1120, 1031, 1034, 12603, 12604, 10406, 10450, 10454, 1048, 1049, 10408, 10409, 10460, 11082,  1120, 1121, 1130, 1180, 11210, 11211, 11414BH,  11360, 11800, 11805, 11807, 1183H, 11820,  11825, 1217, 1215, 1228, 1327, 12065, 12603, 12610, 1400H, 2052, 2055, 2071M,  2071H,  Pointer 1048, Pointer 1049, DN50, DN60, DN160, H10, H110, Safety Screen 2, Reichert 11075, 11803, 12060, 12521, 1316B, Reichert Campbell 11575, 14135UV Overhead, 1800 Micro Projector, 2070H, 4046, Optical Pointer DN150, V20, Hand Magnifier 1228, Illuminator 370, Ortho Illuminator,  ESA/FHD RSE-41
American Optical Equipment  Microscope 1120, Series One-ten MICROSTAR Microscope ESB RSE-43
American Products Fiberworks P/N 20100200, UI Model 20100600 ELC RM-115/5
American Scientific F0575, M3000,  ESA/FHD RSE-41
American Scientific  200 Clinitech Blood Analyzer, Scientific Spectroflurometer DZA RSE-75
Ampco Contender JA12V-55WD/H3 RS-22
Amsco Projector Movie Eldorado 8mm  84-MV, 86-MV, 86-ZR, DP-86 EJV RM-109A
Amsco Quantum 308, FDT FDT RSE-51
AO-Reichert  11143, AO-Reichert 1120 ESB RSE-43
API  150W Dual Turret Fiber-Optic APFL-152T  EJA RM-109
Apollo QL100 ELC RM-115/5
Apollo EXR-82V or FHS EXR or FHS RM-93
Apollo Products Imager 100 JC12V-20W H20 RSE-46
Apollo  AC2000, SX700, Cobra VS3000, SX-700, AC-2000, VS-3000, 78-8014-6902 , 78-6969-6796-6 EVW RM-130
Apollo  AVP-400 Video Projector, Overhead Projectors Eclipse AI-2000, A-1-2000, A-1-2001, A-1-2004, AI-2004, A-1-2014, A-1-2034, A-1-2040, A-1-2204  220V, A-1-2240, A-2000, A-2001, A-2004, A-2014, A-2034, A-2040, A-2204  220V, A-2240, A1-2000, A1-2001, A1-2004, A1-2014, A1-2034, A1-2040, A1-2204  220V, A1-2240, A2000, A2001, A2004, A2014, A2034, A2040, A2204  220V, A2240, Concept 2285, Concept Series 2203 2204 2234 - 2250 2282 10700 COMPANION, ECLIPSE-WITH-LCD-PANEL, ODYSSEY FXL RM-131
Apollo  EVD, Magnastar VS3250, 400 Costar, E-400-SDV, QE-400 Escort, QE-425 Escort, S-400-DV, Escort, Magnastar EVD RSE-56
Apollo Presentation  A-1-1000, A-1-1002, A-1-1003, A-1000, A-1002, A-1003, A1-1000, A1-1002, A1-1003, A1000, A1002, A1003, AL-1000, AL-1002, AL-1003, AL1000, AL1002, AL1003, 203-340, AI-1000, AI-1002, AI-1003 BHC/DYS/DYV  RSE-60
Apollo Presentation Products I-2000 Series Eclipse, A1-2000, A1-2001, A1-2004, A1-2034, AVP 400, Legend T200, VP350, 400  ENX RM-128
Apollo Presentation Products HIGH-SPEED-HANDPIECE FDS/DZE RSE-52
Apollo Presentation Products Horizon 15000 15002 15009 15010 15014 15035 A 1000, A1004, A1005, AL1004, AL1005, Apollo Horizon 2 Overhead projector V16000, AVP300, VS4100C TOPLITE, Horizon Ultra, Ventura 4000  EYB RSE-57
APPLIED FIBEROPTICS 001160, 001190, 001193, 002834, 003458, 003683, 003725, 003727, 008512, 008514, 008518, 008520, 010051, 010052, 010053, 010054, 010055, 010056, 010057, 010058, 010869, 010872, 010998, 011925, 011926, 011927, 011928, 011929, 011930, 011931, 011932, 1500, 1501, 1502X, 1503X, MC3, SINGLE BEAM, TWIN BEAM BSI DNF RM-108
ARGUS, INC 894, 895Z, 896B, 898Z, Dual Master 810ZIQ, 820ZIQ, LSP 510 EFP RM-105
Argus, Inc. 510 Sound 8mm Projector  EFM RM-101
Arrilite  BHC, DYS, DYV, 600 BHC/DYS/DYV  RSE-60
Artist 23500 DDL RM-207
Aspen 150-Twin Light Source, DNF, 93631 DNF RM-108
Astrascope  3000/2, 3000/3 FCS RSE-53
ATC Microscope, 2000 FKY RM-61
Atlas A1-230-EFN EFN RM-104
Atlas A1-266-21VOLT, DNF, 93631 DNF RM-108
ATLAS F112 21V-150W  ELD/EJN RM-111
Atlas A1-261-FDT FDT RSE-51
Atlas EVD, A1-239 36V-400W  EVD RSE-56
Audiscan Bantam 1 EVW RM-130
Audiscan Incorporated Chieftan, SST400 Zoom  EVD RSE-56
Auto-Graphics  EPV EPV/EPX RM-106
Axio Imager  D1,  A1 m Zeiss, M1 Zeiss,  JC6V-20WH20 RSE-44
Axioplan  2, 2 Imaging, 2 Imaging E, 2 Imaging MAT,  JC6V-20WH20 RSE-44
Axioscop  2 FS, FS MOT, 2 FS MOT, 2 FS Plus,  JC6V-20WH20 RSE-44
Axioskop 2 FS Plus, 2 MAT, 2 MAT mot, 2 MOT Plus, 2 Plus, 40, 40 A Pol, 40 FL, 40 Pol JC6V-20WH20 RSE-44
Axiovert 200, 200 B, 200 M, 200 M BP, 200 M MAT, 200 M RP, 200 M SP, 200 MAT, 200MSP,  200 SP,  JC6V-20WH20 RSE-44
B&H Dual 8, 456 autoload, DNF, 93631  DNF RM-108
BAIA Instaview 270 Quartz Dual, Regular and Super 8 Editor,  Editor 86490 50-60 CPS 40W ESB RSE-43
Baty  Gagemaster 80, 89 Surface Illuminator ELC RM-115/5
Bauer Projector Movie P7L,  P7MS, P7TS ELC RM-115/5
Bauer Projector Movie T4 8mm ,  DNE RM-120
Bauer P6 Automatic, Synchron/Studio P-7L, P-7TS, P-7MS  EHJ RSE-54
Bauer  T-5, T-15 Sound, T-16 Sound, T15, T16 EFN RM-104
BAUER  T171, T192, T200, T25, T520, T600, T82, TC25 Sound, TR100, TR300,  EFP RM-105
Bauer  TC-20, T-30 Sound, T-40 Sound
TC-50, T-60, T-180, LT-2053, P5-M15 
EFR RM-107
Bauer  S1 Autofocus  FCS RSE-53
Bausch & Lomb 33-74-44 EJV RM-109A
Bausch & Lomb 31-32-16 ESB RSE-43
Bausch & Lomb Microscope 313257, 313158, 313185, FDT, 64628 FDT RSE-51
Bausch & Lomb  31-75-05, SY 54025 ESA/FHD RSE-41
Bausch & Lomb Microscope  31-31-52, 31-30-50, 31-30-50-01, 31-30-50-02, 31-30-50-03, 31-30-50-04, 31-30-50-05 EKE RM-110X
BAXTER  M3000, M3000-11, M40004 ESA/FHD RSE-41
Bayer H2 Peroxkanal FDT RSE-51
Beckman Analytical 600 series, 7000 series, DU50, DU60, DU600, DU70, DU7000 JC12V-20W H20 RSE-46
Bell & Howell EPV, Microfiche Reader ABR-1055,  0193200  EPV/EPX RM-106
Bell & Howell 448, 452, 454, Slide Cube 985, 986, 987, 991, 1000, 3000, Slide Cube Z, CP40, RC50, RC55, RF60, AF66, AF70, AF80, Autoload Film Strip 746A, 746F, 747A ELH RM-129
Bell & Howell  13249000, 510310A, ABR 2600, ABR 2300, ABR 2400, ABR 2700, ABR 2900. DDL RM-207
Bell & Howell  ABR1300 EHJ RSE-54
Bell and Howell 8mm Projector MULTI-MOTION 1464, 1470, 1480, 1600 Reader Microfilm, ELD-EJN, 1500, 0197416 ELD/EJN RM-111
Bell and Howell Commuiter SR16 BRL/BCD RSE-48
Bell and Howell  Filmosonic Soundstar XJ EFM RM-101
Bell and Howell  489Z EFN RM-104
Bell and Howell  21 DCT, 423 Auto 8, Sound 427  EFR RM-107
Bell and Howell  SR1, SR2, SR3, ABR1400, ABR1900   FCS RSE-53
Bell and Howell   4000 Sill-Projector  EVC/FGX RSE-55
Bell and Howell  301-AR, 301-A, 301-B, 301-C, 301-D, 301F, 301-F, 301-FH, 301-FTCH, 301-FTC, 301-FTH, 301-FT, 301-F, 301-GCAT, 301-GCA, 301-GCT, 301-GC, 301-GT, 301-G, 301-KAT, 301-KA, 301-KT, 301-K, 301-LA, 301-L, 301AR, 301A, 301B, 301C, 301D, 301FH, 301FTCH, 301FTC, 301FTH, 301FT, 301F, 301GCAT, 301GCA, 301GCT, 301GC, 301GT, 301G, 301KAT, 301KA, 301KT, 301K, 301LA, 301L, 301, 360-A, 360-GCAT, 360-GCA, 360-KAT, 360-KA, 360A, 360GCAT, 360GCA, 360KAT, 360KA, 360, 362-A, 362-B, 362-FH, 362-FTCH, 362-FTC, 362-FTH, 362-FT, 362-F, 362-GCAT, 362-GCA, 362-KAT, 362A, 362B, 362FH, 362FTCH, 362FTC, 362FTH, 362FT, 362F, 362GCAT, 362GCA, 362KAT, 362KA, 387, 388-A, 388-T, 388A, 388T, 389-A, 389-T, 389-X, 389A, 389T, 389X SPECIALIST BHC/DYS/DYV  RSE-60
Bell and Howell Company UV40 Microfilm FDS/DZE RSE-52
Bell and Howell Company Travel-Master 11 and 2 Specialist  1707L 3680 3860 3860 STILL 3870 3880 3890 6728-82  EYB RSE-57
Bell and Howell Company   Autoload 2580, 2580A, 2582A, 2585A, 2585B, 2592A, 2592B, 3592,  Filmosound, 3592, 3885, 1680G, 1692B, 1693B, 1695B, 1698B, 2585AML, 2585AX, 2585AXU, TQ3 Specialist ELC RM-115/5
Bell and Howell Company  Projector Slide 1000 Slide-Cube, 3000 Slide-Cube,  SPECIALIST-AUTOLOAD 746-A,  746-BL, 746-B, 746-F, Slide-Cube 985, 986, 987,  991-Z, 991, AF-66, AF-70, AF-80, CP-40, RC-50, RC-55, RF-60, Specialist 746-A , 746-BL, 746-B, 746-F   ENH RM-125
Bellaphot IMP, EPV, EPX EPV/EPX RM-106
Belmont BLC, BLPW,  BLT,  BLU,  Belmont D-Lux AL-701M, AL-702M, AL-705M, AL-711M Sco System, Operatory Lamp, X-Calibur JA12V-55WD/H3 RS-22
Bencini  P75 Super 8 EFR RM-107
Berchtold 955-12 BRL/BCD RSE-48
Berchtold C950, CZ-907-24VOLT EVC/FGX RSE-55
Berkey  Colortran Ellipsoidal 213-055 40-Degree Stage Lights FEL RSE-76
Bescor  KLK-50XT Light VS-50 On-Camera Light BRL/BCD RSE-48
Bescor  KLK-50, KLK-65SLM, MPL-325AC2, MPL-325AC1, MPL-325BAC, VL-200, VL-205, VL-210, VS-65 ESY RSE-58
Beseler Photo  Dichro DG1 Colorhead, 23DGA Colorhead, Dual-Dichro Colorhead, DG, DGA and Dual Dichro 23 lamphouses with external power supplies, 23CII Enlarger EJL RM-114
BESELER PHOTO MARKETING  ESJ, 67-ENLARGER, 23-C-2 DUAL-DICHRO Enlarger, 23-CVC Enlarger , 35 DICHRO Enlarger, 67-XLD   ESJ RM-118
Beseler Photo Marketing  15700DYST, 15700, 15710-DYST, 15710-LC, 15710DYST, 15710LC PORTA-SCRIBE, 15800DYST, 15800 PORTABLE-POR-SCRIBE, 17627LL, 17627SS, 17628-SS, 17628SS, 17683SS, G-100-AA, G-100-BB, G-100-LL PORTA-SCRIBE, G-100-LT, G-100-SS Porta-Scribe, G100-LT, G100AA, G100BB, G100LL, G100LT, G100SS, VU-GRAPH-CENTURY, Delite Delight Dalite Dalight Porta Scribe G100CT G-100-CTDa-Lite, 15800DYST, 15800, G-100-LT, G-100LT, G100LT BHC/DYS/DYV  RSE-60
Besler  Duplicator, Dichro 45, 45S, Dual Dichro-S, Dichro 45 Color Computer, Universal 45 Light Source, Dual Dichro S head, 45MXT Enlarger with Dichro 45S Colorhead, Enlarger 23C EVW RM-130
Bessler - DaLite VG-514, PET 100, PS-360-A4LC, VU-GRAPH 3 ENX RM-128
Best Hood K15 JC12V-20W H20 RSE-46
BFW Minimax, Minimax T3 EJL RM-114
Biclite EVD, 11018 EVD RSE-56
Biostar 1820 Microscope ESB RSE-43
BLUE LIGHT INDUSTRIES   Model 5410 Fiber Optic Illuminator  EKE RM-110X
BLV 1400, 1400-10, 3800-79-9550-BLV Light Source, 3800-79-9550 BLV JC12V-50W RSE-48
BLV  1406, 140610 ESA/FHD RSE-41
BLVD 1421 FDT, 142116, 1491 FDT RSE-51
Bolex 18-5L EFN RM-104
BOLEX Multimatic  8mm,  Projector Movie Super 8 Multimatic EJA RM-109
Bolex 510 , 521 ELC RM-115/5
Borg Warner  D35, D46J, D47  FCS RSE-53
Bosworth Extraoral Curing, 092101, BLCO, LIGHT, LCO ESD RM-121
Boxlight  EVD, ProColor 2101, 2100, 2680, 2020 EVD RSE-56
Boxlight Corp. 2000, 2000-PLUS, 2000PLUS COLORSHOW, 2010, 2101, 2105 PROCOLOR FXL RM-131
Braun Company  D35, D46, D46J, D47, Novamat,   FCS RSE-53
Braun North America Company FP-8 8mm Projector Movie, JCRM12V-100W, 3021, 64624 JCRM12V-100W  RM-83
Braun Novamat Slide Projector FCS RSE-53
Bright Light Projector Slide B-111-EXW Module EXY RM-84
Bright Light  B-111-ENG MODULE,  B-3-ENG, ENH ENH RM-125
Bright Lite Module Projector B3, B3EXW EXR or FHS RM-93
Bristolline 95BR3256 ESB RSE-43
Britek 600w Video Light BHC/DYS/DYV  RSE-60
Buhl Optical EVD, 196-100, 196-110, 113, 114, 2900, 2963, 2964, 3963. EVD RSE-56
Buhl Optical Company Projector Overhead M1VR, MF72, MF75, MIVR  FDS/DZE RSE-52
Buhl Optical Company 1-G-10012LCD-11 Attache 100 ESCORT 8mm Projector, 100 ESCORT 104-EDC, 104, 104EDC
104ED, 1G10012LCD11 ATTACHE, 9014EDC ,
9014ED, 90XT 8mm Projector, 90 EDUCATOR
90 SERIES-XT 8mm Projector, LCD ESCORT
EDUCATOR 8mm Projector
Buhl Optical Company  1-G-10012-G-11, 100 Escort-Series, 600 Nova, 700 Nova, 80-10-CL, 80-10-TC, 80-12-CL, 80-12-TC, 80-14-CL, 80-14-TC, 90-14 Educator, 90 Series-XT, 90ED, Attache LS1, Series 80, OSP Buhl, Special, LS2, LS3, Presenter's Aid, Comunicator, Executive, Task Master, Classics, 100 Escort  BHC/DYS/DYV  RSE-60
Buhl Projector Co. Model 200, The Ambassador, 2912C, 2914C, 2913TC,  Projector 120, 500, 501, 505, 506, 500XT ENX RM-128
Bulb Direct THE756 FKY RM-61
Bulbrate 761165, FDT FDT RSE-51
Bulbrate 761055 DZA RSE-75
Burton Bilirubin Blanket, Cavatron Hand Held, flexible arm light model 0134500, GE/3M/Burton flexible arm light model 0134500 bulbs DDL RM-207
BURTON 0006004, 0006004PK, 0007004, 0100370, 0100372, 0134100, 0134110, 0134112, 0134122, 0134132, 0134142, 0134500, 0134510, 0134512, 0134522, 0134532, 0134542, 0200370, 0200372, 13400, 13450, 58877, Halogen COOLSPOTE DDL RM-207
BURTON CoolSpot, Coolspot II  EKE RM-110X
Burton Medical 2000, 5000 BRL/BCD RSE-48
Cabin 888 EFN RM-104
Cabot Medical 100416 Dental Lamp EJM RM-112
Cal-Comp EPV, EPX, 14.5-090-23R EPV/EPX RM-106
Callisto  3094071 JC12V-20W H20 RSE-46
Cambridge 1291UZ ESB RSE-43
Campbell  ESA, FHD, Microscope 11575, 11580,  ESA/FHD RSE-41
Candelpower 68981, 55913 ESB RSE-43
Candlepower 55952 EVC/FGX RSE-55
Canimpex 12-075-27R EFN RM-104
Canimpex EPV, EPX, 14.5-090-23R EPV/EPX RM-106
Canimpex 21-150-99R, DNF, 93631 DNF RM-108
Canimpex 21-150-23V EJV RM-109A
CANIMPEX 21-150-99ZR  ELZ RM-113
CANIMPEX ESJ, 82-085-33JR  ESJ RM-118
Canimpex 120-150-99R DNE RM-120
Canimpex 120-150-33R ESD RM-121
CANIMPEX 120-250-23R ENH RM-125
Canimpex 82-250-23R  EVW RM-130
Canimpex 06-009-21R FKY RM-61
Canimpex 10-052-21R  O-13298/14553 RM-64
Canimpex 14-035-21, 12-100-22R, 3021, 64624, JCRM12V-100W JCRM12V-100W  RM-83
Canimpex 82-300-23R EXR or FHS RM-93
Canimpex ESA, FHD, 06-010-20L ESA/FHD RSE-41
Canimpex Microlites 12-050-24, 10.8-030-22  BRL/BCD RSE-48
Canimpex 12-100-29, FDT FDT RSE-51
Canimpex 24-150-29 FDS/DZE RSE-52
Canimpex 24-250-24L, 24-250-24P EVC/FGX RSE-55
Canimpex EVD, 36-400-24-L EVD RSE-56
Canimpex 120-150-24 ESY RSE-58
Cannon 250LH, 360LH BRL/BCD RSE-48
Canon S400, P400 8mm Movie Projector  EFM RM-101
Canon MH7-3035, MS350, MS800, Micrographics Halogen Lamp, FP 400 DDL RM-207
Canon Universal Reader 320, Microfilm Reader, Eye Japan, Canon 100, Canon 580. FCS RSE-53
Canon USA Incorporated 105R Microfilm, MC-IR6 Microfilm FDS/DZE RSE-52
Caps Microfilm Jupiter, 169 Jacket, Nova A2 BRL/BCD RSE-48
Caps Microfilm  Mercury, Agfa, Gemini 64623 RSE-50
Carley CL70006, CL70065, DNF, 93631 DNF RM-108
Carley CL70011, CL70068 EVW RM-130
Carley CL70055 EVC/FGX RSE-55
Carley lamp CL70097 DNE RM-120
Caro Acor Presse, Auto, AL101, 5001 64623 RSE-50
Castle  12-1909-20 , 12-2024-20 ENZ ENZ RM-116
Castle MDT Rolux 1, Rolux I EJL RM-114
Caulk 640 30240 ELZ RM-113
Caulk Prisma-Lite, Prismetics, York PR1, 644101 EJL RM-114
Caulk 64030190 DNE RM-120
Caulk ESD 3028 ESD RM-121
Caulk PR1, 644358 Prismatics Lite, 3021, 64624, JCRM12V-100W JCRM12V-100W  RM-83
Caulk 64030340 ESY RSE-58
Caulk  Triad TCU 2, EJV,  EJV RM-109A
Caulk  640 40840  ENZ RM-116
CBS Laboratores  Astro Color  EJL RM-114
CCT Starlette   6" Fresnels FEL RSE-76
CEC Astro Color 16mm Projector EJL RM-114
CENTURA Overhead Light 042914 EJA RM-109
CENTURA  02281, 022812, 022813, 022814, 022815 DDL RM-207
Century Lighting  2343-2344 FEL RSE-76
CEW JPD25V-150W, JPD25-V150WG1   Q150T4-CL RS-34
Chapman Huffman 1636000, 239426 EJM RM-112
Chapman-Huffman 1639000 ELZ RM-113
Chapman-Huffman 1635000 EJL RM-114
Chapman-Huffman 1635100 ENZ RM-116
Chapman-Huffman 239392, 1630000 DNE RM-120
Chapman-Huffman  16-440-00 JCRM12V-80W  RM-82
Charles Beseler Company Porta Scribe, Model G-100, 115-120 Volts 60HZ AC Only 7 AMP Max, Use ANSI Lamp Code DYS, UL 235D, SA 7548 BHC/DYS/DYV  RSE-60
Chauvet ELH, 316190, 1000321, GE 38476, 13096, 54776, JCR120V-300W ELH RM-129
Chauvet Elation, Lightwave Research EXR or FHS RM-93
Chauvet  DJ Light, Mini Moom CH-202B, CH-160, CH-160S BRL/BCD RSE-48
Chauvet  CJ Max, Colorscope, Mini Legend, Mini Legend Wash 427W, Mighty Scan, Insignia 2.0 DMX610A, Intimidator 1.0 DMX-600, 2.0 DMX-605A, 1.2 DMX-602, Fascination DMX-100, Omega 2 DMX255, Imagination DMX100S, Sensation DMX100B, Abyss DMX450,  CH-605, Navigator Plus, DJ Lighting Club Lights DMX, CH-100B, CH-444, DMX-425, DMX-450. ELC RM-115/5
Chauvet  Clubspot Followspot 400G, TFX-FS360, ENX, JCR82-360W ENX RM-128
Chauvet  Moon, Rainbow, CH-325, CH325, Chauvet Elation   EHJ RSE-54
Chauvet  Sweeper LV CH-419LV, Aurora EVD RSE-56
Chauvet  Meteorite, ESY, JCD-100V-150W  ESY RSE-58
Chauvet  Kinta DMX-311X, Firecraker, Lighthouse, Chopper CH-306, Cosmos CH-306, CH-302, CH-302A, Double Derby CH-310, Mushroom CH-250, Octopus CH-204, Alien CH-209, Mini Sphere CH-260, Tetra CH-214, Tracer CH-210, Starburst CH-211, Gyrating Moon CH-230, Triple Derby CH-330, Cyborg CH-258, RotoSphere  CH560, 560A  JC120V300W RSE-59
Chayes Virginia Chayes Light, Belmont 040, 045, 046, 047, 049, 058,
 Belmont X-Caliber Chayes Light X-Caliber, Chayes Exam 12V55W
JA12V-55WD/H3 RS-22
Chimera Lanterns FEL FEL RSE-76
Chinon 4100, 5100, 6100Z EFM RM-101
CHINON 8000 EFN RM-104
CHINON SP-350, SP-330, S-350, DS-300, 7000MV, 7500MV, 7800M, 9500MV, Twin Track,Auto 300, C200, S, SP, C300, Sound 8, SS-1000, Chroma-Pro,    EFP RM-105
Chinon 6100, 6100Z, 6000, 7500, 7000, 7800, 9000, 9500, Sound 7500 DNE RM-120
Chiron Express ESB RSE-43
CHIU TECHNICAL CORPORATION CoolspotTM II Double, CoolspotTM II Single Ceiling Coolspot, TM II / OutpatientŪ II with FastracTM   EJA RM-109
CHIU Technical Corporation FO-150R, FO-150 DPHM Regulated Fiberoptic Illuminator, CoolspotTM 2  EJV RM-109A
CHIU TECHNICAL CORPORATION FO-150R, FO-150 DPHM, Fiberoptic Illuminator
Lumina Fiber Optic Lamp 
Chromega Chromega D Dichroic, Chromega D Dichroic II and Chromega E Dichroic lamphouse ELC RM-115/5
Chromo Pro Microscan EJL RM-114
Circon DNF,  DNF RM-108
Clay Paky Miniscan Studio, Silverado Studio,  EVC/FGX RSE-55
CMM Diplomat, LEM 35 BRL/BCD RSE-48
CMM CT, CT2, Duplicator 64623 RSE-50
Cobra  VS-3000, VS3000 EVW RM-130
COBY Coby-Light Dental Lamp, Photo Curing Light  EJA RM-109
Codman Shurtleff 243054, 12V-150W, Single Beam DNF RM-108
COE LABORATORIES COE-LITE 4000, 4070110, 4020 EFR RM-107
Coemar ENX, JCR82-360W ENX RM-128
Coemar ELH, 316190, 1000321, GE 38476, 13096, 54776, JCR120V-300W ELH RM-129
Coemar   EXR or FHS RM-93
Coleman  C055-0500 DZA RSE-75
Cole-Parmer Compound Microscope, Trinocular, Catalog No. A-48924-30 JC12V-20W H20 RSE-46
COLOR SONIC  Color-Sonic  8mm  Projector Movie  EJA RM-109
ColorPro 300, ELH, 316190, 1000321, GE 38476, 13096, 54776, JCR120V-300W ELH RM-129
Colortran Mini Pro 100-091 176092, Dual 1000 BHC/DYS/DYV  RSE-60
Colortran  Vari-10 TV 100-055, Color Spots Follow Spot, Fixed Focus Ellipsoidal Colortran 10°, Colortran 20°, Colortran 30°, Colortran 40°,  ETC, 5-50 SERIES, 213-052, 213-062, 213-072, 213-092, 213-102, 213-112, 650-015, 650-025, 650-035, 650-045, 650-055, 650-075, 650-085, 213-162 FEL RSE-76
Coltene Whaledent C7927,  Coltolux 2, 3, 4, 75, Coltolux II, III, IV JCRM12V-75W RM-81
Coltene, Whaledent DI500 BRL/BCD RSE-48
Coltrene Whaledent Coltolux 2, Coltolux 3, Coltolux 4 JCRM12V-80W  RM-82
Commicromation EPV, EPX EPV/EPX RM-106
Cool Lux EPV, EPX EPV/EPX RM-106
COOLSPOT II Double , II Single Ceiling II / OutpatientŪ II with FastracTM, Surgical Light CoolSpot II EKE RM-110X
Copal  ELC ELC RM-115/5
Copal Corp.  EVD, ML-2000, ML-8580 EVD RSE-56
Copal Corporation of America CP-33, CP-55, CP Sound 401, CP-501 Sound  EFM RM-101
Cordell 200 Microfilm FDS/DZE RSE-52
Cromalux 100Watt Medical, 3021, 64624, JCRM12V-100W JCRM12V-100W  RM-83
Crowfoot 380 ENZ RM-116
Cryomedics 2001, DNF, 93631, 4000, Quadralite, Artist DNF RM-108
CTX/Optoma EZPro 500, EZPro 550, Ez-Pro 500 & 550 units EVD RSE-56
Cuda Fiber Optic products, EJV EJV RM-109A
Cuda Products M2-150-300, M3-150, DNF, SYC0023 DNF RM-108
Cuda Technologies HLS250, HLS250T, I-250, M2-250T, SSH250ST, SSH0028, SYC0028 ELC RM-115/5
Cygnus Instruments CYGNASCOPE Dental Lamp, SCOPE Medical ETJ RM-124
Dabi Atlante Atlante Focus L JA12V-55WD/H3 RS-22
Da-Lite G200  EYB RSE-57
DA-Lite Porta Scribe G-100, 15710 DYST-CC BHC/DYS/DYV  RSE-60
Da-Lite  VOS-5000, 5000 Portable FXL RM-131
DAMAR 04991B EFR RM-107
DAMAR 00812A ELZ RM-113
DAMAR 01268C, 25044A EJL RM-114
DAMAR 4213A  ENZ RM-116
Damar 04778A, 4778A FDT RSE-51
Danserau California Celux,  Densereau Health, Fiad the Light,  JA12V-55WD/H3 RS-22
Darby 9509024, Superdent 7500,  EJV EJV RM-109A
Darby 950-9023, Superdent 1000, 2001, 2500, 8001 JCRM12V-75W RM-81
Darby Superdent 1000,  2001, 2500 JCRM12V-80W  RM-82
Darby  Superdent 5000, 8000, 950-9021, 950-9026 ESD RM-121
Datagraphix EPV, EPX EPV/EPX RM-106
De Trey Prismatics Euro JCRM12V-75W RM-81
Degusa 2352-3301 Degulux JCRM12V-75W RM-81
DeJur Amsco Corp. Eldorado DP-86, 86-ZR, 84-MV, 86-MV, 86-Z EJV RM-109A
DeJur Amsco Corp.  Eldorado DP-86 , Remote Command 86ZR
84-MV, 86-MV, 86-Z
EJA RM-109
Deltronic DV114, 03000404, 46000404, DH214, DH216,  ELC RM-115/5
Deluxe  Concept V2250, V2210 Portable Overhead Projectors FXL RM-131
Demetron Photo Curing, 20140, 20437, S102 EFN RM-104
Demetron Optilux 100, 101, 300, 400, 401, 403, 500, 501,  VCL100, VCL101, VCL200, VCL300, VCL401,  20140,  20437, Ortholux 3M,  JCRM12W-75W RM-81
Demetron 21237, Optilux 100, 101, 300, 380, 400, 401, 402, 500, 501, LC, VCL405 JCRM12V-80W  RM-82
Demetron 150, 20919, Optilux 401, High Output 400, 401 High Output 20140, 403 High Output, VCL 300 Medical, 3021, 64624, JCRM12V-100W JCRM12V-100W  RM-83
DEMETRON OPTILUX 35; 50 & 150 13165 RM-91
Den-Mat 3904, EJV EJV RM-109A
Den-Mat 3961 Ceri-Light Medical, 3021, 64624, JCRM12V-100W JCRM12V-100W  RM-83
Den-Mat  Marathon 1, 3931, Marathon 2, 3931-ESD ESD RM-121
Dent America Hilux 350, Litex 650, 660, 680 JCRM12V-75W RM-81
Dent America Litex 650, 660, 680 JCRM12V-80W  RM-82
Dental Vision Direct Ultra Cam BRL/BCD RSE-48
Dentalux  Optimeca, Optima 250  EHJ RSE-54
DENTAMERICA 690 13165 RM-91
Dentamerica Celux Operatory JA12V-55WD/H3 RS-22
Dentech Ultima JA12V-55WD/H3 RS-22
Dentech Ultima II Fiberoptic 64623 RSE-50
DENTECH Lamp 02-50-010 FCS RSE-53
DENTSPLY Perspec. Dental & Retro. Treat. EFN RM-104
DENTSPLY Celebrity, Perspective, Perspective 2 EFN RM-104
Dentsply Prismetics York TCU 11, Triad TCU 2, EJV  EJV RM-109A
272-6100 D41, TCU-1, Triad Automatic, D41, Triad 2 VLC, Triad 2 Procure, 
95775 RM-117
Dentsply 3028, ESD ESD RM-121
DENTSPLY 1000 TRIAD, 2000 TRIAD, 70353 TRIAD-2000 Dental Lamp ETJ RM-124
Dentsply Insight 64623 RSE-50
Dentsply  Prisma-Lite, Prismetics, York PR1, 644101 EJL RM-114
Dentsply Caulk Spectrum, 200R, Super Spectrum, 200W, 3367-5267 O-13298/14553 RM-64
Dentsply Caulk Spectrum 800, Degussa Degulux, QHL75, QHL JCRM12V-75W RM-81
Dentsply Caulk Spectrum 800, Super Spectrum JCRM12V-80W  RM-82
Dentsply Equipment  Prismetics, York, 2 Prismatics Lite, Max Lite, Medical, Dental, 3021, 64624, JCRM12V-100W JCRM12V-100W  RM-83
Designs for Vision 4000-0996-0019,  DNF RM-108
DeTrey  2 Lite Prismatics, Europe Medical, 3021, 64624, JCRM12V-100W JCRM12V-100W  RM-83
Devere Apollo, 508H, 515H, 5108, Dichrocopy, DeVere 1000W, 1200W, Dichromat 2.4Kw, 4.8Kw , Difcon, Vericontrast 507, 5108, 515, Vulcan ELH RM-129
Devere  Enlarger Bulbs 108AF,203,500,507,508H,1085 810H, Color Head 250W, 500W, and 2000W Dichromat, Difcon and Varicontrast lamphouses as fitted to the Model 203, 504, 507, 108S, 810H, and 1010XLH enlargers. De Vere - 108AV, 203, 500, 504, 507, 508H, 810H, 1085, Color Head
ELC RM-115/5
DEXTRA MK22,  Q150T4-CL RS-34
Dietzen Microfilm 4322, 4323, 4324 FDS/DZE RSE-52
DMD  Intraoral Camera, TeliCam with Memory, 100-0016, 120VT-150W, TC1001, TC5001. ESD RM-121
DOLAN JENNER Vision Lighting Systems EFR RM-107
DOLAN JENNER 02-002000-0000, A-3000, A-3000/230, A-3200, A-3200/230 DDL RM-207
Dolan Jenner 02-015852-0000, 686009-2470,  Fiber Lite 170, 180 High Intensity Illuminator, Fiberlite MI-150, 170-D, 175, 176,  Fiber Optic Illuminator PL-800, PL-900, MI-151, MI-1511, PL900-A1, PL901-A1 EJV RM-109A
DOLAN JENNER Fiber-Lite 176, 180 High Intensity Illuminator, 180 Light Source, Fiber-Lite Model 181, 181-1, 360-1 RL, Fiber-Lite A-241, A 242,DC950H, MI-150, MI-150RA, MI-150RB, MI-150RC, MI-150RD, MI-150RG, MI-150RL, MI-150RU, MI-150V, MI-152, 170-D,  Fiber Optic Illuminator PL-800, DL 950     EKE RM-110X
Dolan Jenner 145, Colposcope ZM-11 Seiler,  DNE RM-120
Dorsey  Gage ELC RM-115/5
Dry-Lam Overhead Projector Model 1900 EYB RSE-57
Dukane Super 8 Sound, DNF, 93631 DNF RM-108
DUKANE 456-181,  PRO-SERIES Projector Filmstrip Sound 28-A-100-RA, 28-A-100 PRO-SERIES, 28-A-107-RA, 28-A-120, 28-A-123,  28-A-127, 28-A-150, 28-A-157,  EXY RM-84
Dukane 28A641A, 28A653A, 28A663, 28A840A, 663, 653, 641 ENX RM-128
Dukane 456-154 BRL,  27A 35 Explorer, 27A 50 BRL/BCD RSE-48
Dukane 27A25 Explorer, MMR16 35, 27A77, 27AZ25, 27A25B, Universal 27A66, MPD 27A66, 27A67 64623 RSE-50
Dukane 28A7500, I Pro 7500 FDT RSE-51
Dukane  SunSplash Overhead Projectors Model 653, SF5510, SF4030, SF4010HD Steel Case, SF4010 ABS Plastic Case, SP4128, SP4134, SP4234, SP4236, HD4010, SP4123, SP4127, SP4136, 28-A-4000, 28-A-4001, 28-A-4002, 28-A-4003, 28-A-4500, 28-A-640, 28A4000, 28A4001, 28A4002, 28A4003, 28A4500, 28A640, 4000  ATTACHE-4000-LUMENS, 850  MAGNIVIEW FXL RM-131
Dukane  Projector Pro 100, 28A100, 28A107, 28A120, 28A123, 28A127, 28A150, 28A157, 28A100RA, 28A170RA, 456184 EXR or FHS RM-93
Dukane  EVD, 28A667, 667, ImagePro 7200 LCD projector, 28A7200A, 456-193 EVD RSE-56
Dukane Corporation 28A647, 28A657A, 647, 456-183 EVW RM-130
Dukane Corporation 28A622A, 28A632A, 28A633 Microfilm, 611, 622A, 622, 632A, 632, 633, 663, SUNSPLASH SP-2225, SP-2226,  SP-2227, SP-2233, SP-2234, SP-3134, EYB RSE-57
Durst M 605 Color Head CLS 605
M70 Lumo Color Head 305
EFP RM-105
Durst M605 Electronic Colorhead ESJ RM-118
Durst L1800/CLS301 ELH RM-129
Durst  Photo Printer Enlarger L1000, L2000, 401 , L128S, CLS301, L184 EJL RM-114
Durst  Enlarger 402 L138D,403 V184,D184 AC650, 900CLS 500, CLS-450 Colorhead AC-650, D-184, L900/CLS500, L1200/CLS450 & 500, Pro Durst Laborator 1200 with Color Head CLS 501 ELC RM-115/5
Dymat Photomatrix EPV EPV/EPX RM-106
Dymat Photomatrix  600 Reader Microfilm FDS/DZE RSE-52
Dynamics 150W-6000-150, DNF, 93631 DNF RM-108
Dynamite Effects Lighting Water Flower, Gobo Flower, Liquid Flower, Colormoon DMX, Gobomoon DMX, DMX Scanners, Party Scanner EFR RM-107
Dynamite Effects Lighting DMX Scanners, Mini Barrel, Club Scanner ELC RM-115/5
Dynamite Effects Lighting Moonflower Scanner,  Double Eyes, Double Eyes Scan BRL/BCD RSE-48
Dynamite Effects Lighting Spinner EHJ RSE-54
Dynamite Effects Lighting Mini Mushroom, Moonflower Scanner, Pulse Music MBT ME2200-1 Enticer & ME2100-1 Mushroom Sound Activated, SRL-442 Color Star Ball, SRL-451 Roto Balls, SRL-453 Trio Color Star Ball, SRL-461 Duo Color Star Ball, SRL-475 White Pin Ball, SRL-495 DMX Color Star Ball-X JC120V300W RSE-59