Replacement Dental Lamps
The Cold Cathode Miniature Fluorescent Lamp Kit has been developed for R&D experimentation. It is a development tool kit to foster a better understanding of Cold
Cathode Fluorescent Lamps and their outstanding features and benefits.
Cold Cathode Lamps

Cold Cathode Lamp Features:
  • Stable optical and electrical characteristics.
  • Low heat generation -10 to 15 degrees above ambient temperature when operated at designed current.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Long Life expectancy - 20,000 Hours at standard operating current.
  • Pulsing characteristics - 10 millions pulses/minute.
  • Vibration and shock resistant.
  • Light weight and compact size.
  • Back lighting for LCD's - standard Cold Cathode Lamps have a color temperature 12000 Kelvin+ and offer high color-rendering for a better definition of LCD's.
  • Due to their uniform spectral output and light distribution, these lamps are very efficient as eraser lamps for copy machines.
  • Since the spectral distribution is very wide, a regular Cold Cathode Lamp may be used in combination with a version of UV Cold cathode lamp to cover the most useful part of the UV spectrum.
  • Tippless construction that permits direct mounting on PC board. This allows space saving in design with an increase in reliability by eliminating the chance of breaking the exhaust tube.
Power supply:
  • We recommend our special designed 12V inverters. Using our inverter designed for several tens of kilohertz, the light emission efficiency is increased by at least 20% over a regular power supply at 50Hz or 60Hz. The electrical discharge is stable, without fluctuation.
  • The design of the inverter is very small, light weight and generates a very little heat.
ATTN: ELECTRIC SHOCK. The inverter generates over 350V. While the lamp is working, do not touch the leads. Please take all measures in accordance to all applicable codes and safety practice.

Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps